FMG – Cloudbreak

With a history of Operational issues, Hopper 5 had been identified by FMG as a ‘bottleneck’.  Different opinions and work methodologies had been sourced from within the contracting partners, that lead to an outage duration that was unacceptable to FMG - Cloudbreak.

GRS were engaged to identify an alternative methodology and execution plan that had minimal plant downtime.

GRS then mobilised 115 personnel to execute the scope of works which encompassed:

  • Replacement of CV003   
  • Complete removal of CV004 and transfer tower  
  • Removal of existing vibrating screen
  • Under chutes
  • Sizer
  • Supporting steel work

Utilising the innovative and aggressive plan, GRS completed the shutdown in 8 days, the critical path of feed off to feed on was completed in 60 hours.