Employee and Industrial Relations

Global Resource Support recognises the vital role played by its personnel and to date, has successfully provided a workplace environment and career opportunities that help foster co-operation and participation by all personnel.  The Global philosophy is to promote a working environment where all personnel contribute towards a common purpose.  Each individual is valued as a team member, with the recognition that operational success depends upon 100% buy in to the team’s objectives.

Established policies and procedures allow staff to make better decisions and senior management to guide behaviours and reduce risk within the business. Our policies and procedures are also the key to providing constructive feedback, reward and recognition or, when necessary, disciplining staff.

Clearly established lines of authority ensure staff recognise the decisions they can make on their own or when consultation with colleagues and senior managers is required.

Global Resource Support Pty Ltd Employee and Industrial Relations is underpinned by our Code of Business Conduct and Quality Management, Policies and Procedures.

Capability Statement

Through our diversity and experience in Project Management, Planning and execution our capabilities are often unique and unheard of.