Our People

Global Resource Support is focussed on meeting client needs. Our key, senior project management  staff, the nucleus of which have worked together for 13 years, have successfully delivered project completion, on-time and within budget, for clients covering new construction, maintenance and manufacture in the construction, mining, petro-chemical and oil & gas sectors.

Our staff are highly motivated lateral thinkers and have demonstrated track records for achievement of contract targets with significant achievements in areas of occupational health, safety and environment, alignment of stakeholder objectives and development of long term, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients and other stakeholders.

The versatility of our operations facilitates retention of key staff whose experience in developing collaborative relationships and operating proven management systems that compliment or enhance those of our clients has been paramount to our success. Their experience in consulting with community and indigenous leaders and their respect for cultural diversity and heritage sites is also a valued asset of Global Resource Support.

Our staff have clearly defined, documented roles tailored to each project to ensure their understanding of project specific responsibilities, procedures, performance standards, lines of communication and to facilitate performance management.

Global Resource Support has a pool of  employees that it can draw on to supplement the core team including project managers, superintendents, scheduler/planners, quality, procurement, safety and supervisors. The majority of new employees are referred to us by our staff, clients and subcontractors. Should it be necessary to go to market to recruit we have a robust recruitment procedure and experienced staff to manage and execute it. 

Capability Statement

Through our diversity and experience in Project Management, Planning and execution our capabilities are often unique and unheard of.