Indigenous Employment

GRS in conjunction with UFPA (United First People of Australia) initiated, developed & implemented a construction/mining industry pre-employment program for aboriginal people in 2012.

GRS has developed a family participation and mentoring process to enhance the success of its Indigenous participation program which has 4 basic steps: 

  1. The proposed employment is discussed with family members and their commitment to encourage and support the candidate being secured.
  2. Each family is assigned a GRS contact who is able to facilitate communication with the candidate whilst he/she is away from home and provide/source advice or assistance, as required, when issues arise at home which the candidate would usually be involved with.
  3. Each candidate is assigned a mentor whilst on a project to facilitate integration into and ongoing participation in the project workforce and the day to day life on a remote project.
  4. The GRS Finance Manager meets with each candidate and assists them in developing a budget and arranging deductions for payment of commitments whether they be ongoing regular payments such as car payments, rent/mortgage and child support or short-term commitments such as fines and repayment of loans.

Capability Statement

Through our diversity and experience in Project Management, Planning and execution our capabilities are often unique and unheard of.