BHPB Kwinana Nickel Refinery Copper Pots


Copper pots:

  • The original proposal from  a NKW preferred supplier included:
  • Fabrication of new Copper Pots
  • Removal of existing Pots
  • Installation of new Pots
  • Scaffolding as required
  • Electrical
  • Cranes

GRS was invited to submit a proposal inclusive of:

  • Fabrication of new pots – GRS has contacted reputable fabricators and sourced the best possible quote
  • Planning and Scheduling – GRS had one employee for the 3 month duration onsite
  • Installation- GRS provided  it’s own direct labour and Supervision. Local crane, scaffolding and electrical contactors  were also utilised
  • GRS designed and fabricated the jacking and lifting saddles and skid system to remove and install Copper pots. The skid system reduced shutdown duration significantly

The works were scheduled to shut down production at the refinery for 10 days. Total estimated tonnage loss of 2000t. GRS completed the works in 6 days, tonnage loss of approximately 1200t.